Sunday, June 6, 2010


Saturday June 5th is the worlds environmental day,
so Friday´s program were dedicated to environmental education:
to learn more about sound waste management - to take home to Akosombo.
The delegation met by the schools greenflag before going in the bus to the waste management cite to learn about what happens after the different waste bins at the households and the schools are collected (The text on the bins reads; reciduals, paper and plastic)

At the cite we was meet by Terje, our guide for the day, who as a 16 year old had been to Tema as a sailor! At the cite not only the waste collected at tha houshold or public buildings was separated. If you look in the background of the picture you see many fractions brought by individuals. The delegation was surprised to see some of the items thrown by the people who came while they were there.
Looking at the processing of hard-paper. And learning why it is important to recycle.

Terje explaining that it is not enough to know about the problems with the ozon layer - we also have to act so that we reduce the problem - giving many examples of hazardous waste that can be dealt with.
The Eco-school coordinator at Akosombo, teacher Margareth, eagerly noting down all information! The kids interacting and asking important questions.
At school the kids have seen how their mates clean and fold all their drink beverages. here they got to see the mountain of used beverages collected and ready to be send for reproduction.

With common experiences the two Green Flag coordinators, teacher Margareth and teacher Torgeir, at hence Akosombo and Byåsen can now easier discuss how to overcome barriers and find opportunities in their work ahed.

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  1. I look forward to the visitiors coming back to introduce similar practices of sound waste management to Ghana!!!