Saturday, June 4, 2011

Visiting Eco-school us!

On June 2nd we went to Virginia to visit the head quarters of the national Wild life Foundation of the US who will run the Eco-School program here. We met with Jennifer Hammonds. She was very nice. She first took os on a tour in the woods where they had made a trile where the kids kan find treasures with GPS - like we have done with our 4H club in Norway.
After words we went inside and learned about how Eco-School US will work. They have just started, but have many plans. We showed pictures from the schools we work with in Ghana. We hope there can be ways of working together so more schools learn about environmental problems in Ghana and USA. We have seenn that there is a lot to do here to. A lot of things that we do in Norway have not started her.

Jennifer gave us a lot of presents, and we gave her the Batik Eco-School shirts made in Ghana. The trip was very interesting, and we hope that we can stay in touch and meet Jennifer again soon.

Jennifer with her Eco-School shirt.

(Abena I and Abena II)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Terry at the White House

Our friend andy had made tickets for the White house for us on Thuseday. That was a great experience.