Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cross Cultural Cabarét

Yesterday the 7th grade had there cabaret.
This is from the opening number, "We don't need no education"
"Mattedag"(Math day) The number I participated in. Here are some of the girls singing "Keisha-blahblahblah"
Barack Obama was there
Elvis was there
And our guests from Ghana danced a dance for us, that was nice.
Here they are dancing there 2nd dance.
Sunniva and Joshua talking about the farytales in the different countries.
Here are some of the students dressed like trolls, the most famous creature in norwegian farytales.
The final number"Heal the world"
Gifty and Johanne holding each there child. :-)
Our principal talking to our Ghanaian guests.
Our guests got there own rose.
Actually we all got a rose.
After the cabaret. One relived 7th grader.

Everyone talking good bye with our guests.



  1. Congratulations for an excellent write up on the Cabaret! You have been able to put up a truly multinational event.

    Hope the visit is the beginning of something very big, including lasting friendships. Well Done!!!

  2. am proud of you all. keep it up long live AIS!