Sunday, February 6, 2011

The letter Exchange continues!

When our dad came home for Christmas he brought a full suite case with letters from the primary school at Akosombo. As the winter storms in Europe before Christmas made it impossible for him to come before the night the day before Christmas, we could not hand it out before we resumed in January. Many of my friends helped distributing the letters. It was great fun as all the students were excited that the letters had arrived. But some students did not get any, so hopefully next time there will be letters for everyone!

You can also visit Byåsen Schools home page here for more pictures.

As the time was short to reply was short only 6th and 3rd grade were able to reply to all students at their grade, but there is a letter for all classes - and a DVD with reports from all the great fun Akosombo and Byåsen students shared last year.
On the right picture you see my dad leaving for the airport taxi today - with the suite case that has become famous for bringing the letters etc. back and forth. As you can see we got plenty of snow over the last day. In fact it was a big snow storm last night - but that did not stop our principal Wenche from coming to our house - fully covered by the snow - with a personal letter to your new director Mr Seshie, to ensure that the collaboration will continue!

Me and the new director of the AIS-schools Mr Arnold Seshie, when he was the Principal of the primary school in Akosombo.

Abena II