Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 17th, Byåsen @150 going to Ghana

Our school is 150 years old this year. Therefore we walked frst in the May 17th parade, our national day. As part of the celebration a delegation from the school will be going to Ghana. It is now 10 year since the first contacts with Ghana were made at the school, a jubilee in itself. Last year Akosombo International School was 50 years - so when we go to Ghana on June 8th we will put all three jubilees together!

Synnøve and Ole Magnus from the school board, (me) Theresa who has coordinated the exchange and Rector Wenche Kjellby Nesset who will be going to Ghana

A special poster made for the jubilee, carried by Marius and Isak

In the parade the school showed some of its history through the 150 years it has existed.

Johanne, who is one of the teachers travelling to Ghana, carried a class picture from the 1960´s.
They really looked old back then.
All students got a pin showing the school sign to carry in the parade.

Both the local paper and its television channel presented the school from the parade.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Preapering new trip to Ghana

We have had two meetings with everyone going to Ghana in June 2013 from the school. Also Tina Løvås and Tove Sivertsvik who visited Akosombo in 2011 came to share their experiences and some pictures,