Tuesday, June 8, 2010

4th grade exploring ancient and modern Trondheim

Today our class went on a field trip to town to visit museums, historical cites and important monuments. We have learned about the history of Trondheim since I returned from Ghana, and today the teachers changed our plans so that Adwoa could go with us to explore ancient and modern Trondheim.

Først tok vi trikken til byen.
To get there we all took the tram

At the city square is a tall statue of Olav Trygvasson who founded the city in 997 (but people has probably lived here 1000 years before that).

Så så vi på domkirken.
We saw the 1000 year old cathedral where King Olav the Holly who christened Norway is berried.
Her er rosevinduet og alle statuene.
The rose window and the statues resembling historical people is very nice.

Til høyre er Olav Haraldson.
To the right is Olav the holly
We went to an exhibition that showed how people lived in medieval Trondheim.
De har laget fine statuer på museet.
Her er meg og min nye kamerat.
Me and my new pal.....
Her er tinghuset.
The entrance of the court house.

En statue utenfor ila parken.
Outside Ila Park is a statue of the rebellion viking king Sverre.
Så var det hjem igjenn.
Then we took the tram straight home, before visiting the TV tower that we see from my room.

It is 73 meters tall, and it is a lift inside that takes you all the way up.

It is very nice - but a bit scary to look out on the view.
At the top floor there is a restaurant and the floor spins around the tower while we eat!
In one hour it has turned all the way around-so we can see the town from all angels.

Adwoa discovered both the cathedral and our "christian borg" from this angle, can you?

Here we see the pool house we went too in front of the island in the fjord.
The buildings in the center of the picture is the hospital and a part of the university. In the background is Byåsen (the city hill) and the mountain Gråkallen.

Here we are on top of the mountain Gråkallen, and can see the city and the fjord from the oposit direction.
We even found some left over snow here, and had a snowball fight!
We had to climb to get to the very top.


Grete talking to the parents and students for the last time.

Afterword we had some performances and games.
The kids won over the parents!!!!

After a long and busy day it is always nice to come home to Stella
- who is always so happy to see us. (Family members don´t look to close- secrets in the bag...)
(Abena II)

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  1. Its great to see Stella is part of the excitement!!!