Sunday, June 13, 2010

Farewell- Farewell party

After 2 lovely weeks we again had to take a trip to the airport, but this time it was to say good bye:-(
In line, waiting for check-in

Some of the kids right before our guests went trough the security.

Tired little friends at 0430 in the morning
One of the host mum's took farewell whit here host child.
Johanne and the boys saying goodbye!
Joshua ready to go home with his new football cap :-)
The night before they left, the school trough a farewell-party for them. Almost all the host families was there! Adwoa made us so proud when she stood up and thanked for the way she had been treated while in Trondheim!
One child and one parent from the host families got a rose and a book for there good work.
The Ghanaians also got a rose, a gift and a speech.
Two good friends on there last day together:'( Not just a poster of friendship at Akosombo I.S. on the wall of Byåsen school anymore - now it has happened for real
We also got to see two dances from Ghana:-)
Torgeir and my mother also said some words to our guests.
We got a nice buffet with lots of good food!
I think we all had a great time!


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