Sunday, June 13, 2010

Green Children City and local Parliament

After the farewell ceremony at school the Ghanian delegation with a friend each from school were Mrs Opoku´s guests in town - to visit the Science center together with the manager of the Green Children City (Promotor of the Green Flag in Trondheim and Norway), and the local parliament

After two weeks the ice is broken - and the discussions on the tram to town were very lively.

The group spending the day together

Martin gave us an interesting introduction to the Science center - a place to touch and feel science for curious kids in all ages
Green City manger, Anne Grethe Glørstad and teacher Gifty testing how many nose tips they really have......

teacher Margareth making a water rocket speed into the air
Jason testing his motional sensitivity
Joshua and Siv lightening a home by solar energy
Teacher Margareth communicating with a student
Nancy testing the power of hot air
After the Science Center the group moved on to the City Hall where the local parliament is located.
Anne Grethe equipped the group with books, information and tools for their green flag activities at home
and invited for lunch - finally some rice and stew....
The deputy Major, Knut Fagerbakke, received the gift from the AIS director on behalf of the major. Today was a city council meeting day - so the major was down loaded in preparations
As a gratitude, our Ghanian friends sang the national hymn for Fagerbakke and Glørstad.
Trondheim has the largest parliament in Norway after the national parliament. Since all politicians were so busy preparing for the evening event - a small riot took place and replaced the elected parties....
Under the leadership of Major Nelson the meeting went very well
New delegate nancy had some inquiries for the major
Delegate Bridget went on with some further questions
While delegate Adwoa rather had an observation to share.
As the delegation warmed up they even felt ready to take over for the executive committee of the city council.....
Well seated in the chairs of the executive committee - it was time for a hearing about local participation in the democratic process
Members of the youth parliament willingly and extensively explained how all schools directly or indirectly are represented in the Youth Parliament - with real influence on policy processes
After visiting the Majors office, the group went on to see the school director, to thank with a song and a gift for all support regarding the visit.

A very happy school director, Jorid Midtlyng, receiving her gift
Also the Green Children City manager became a proud owner of Ghanian tokens
The group now know so many people in town that they meet friends where ever they go - here at the city square.
Environmental friendly people also take environmental transportation home from their events!

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