Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today was the official opening ceremony for our Ghanian visitors. As the collaboration is about Education, Environment and Cultural exchange - today we wanted to integrate our two cultures
This is the opening ceremony and some students of Byåsen Skole are going to perform for the audience and the guest of HONOURS(us). They are all dressed in ghanaian and norwergien dresses and are all set to perform.
From :Nancy and Adwoa.
Even the teachers were dressed up in Ghanian and Norwegian cloths!
A colorful group!
A traditional norwegian folkdance called "Reinlander"
Boys and girls always dance together in our dances. One boy, however, kicked a hat down from a tall stick to "impress the girls" as part of the dance.
When we entered with our Ghanian dance group with a dance from the Volta region - the Akosombo teachers joined us. It was so much fun!
These are some students(seventh graders and fourth graders) doing a traditional ghanaian dance with a nice ghananian song sang by Akosua Agyeampomaa.
From :Nancy
There was in addition to traditional dances - cicus performances, Michel jackson singing and dancing, other solo performances and the school choire!
Welcomming speach by the headmaster Wenche (See, she is wering the dress from our region - that Adwoa had in 2008 - only different color!)
Sheering thestudents!
This is me waving at the whole school. I had so much fun. How is every body in grade (4)four ?
The heads of the school board giving welcomming speaches.
AIS teachers?
No, these are our music teachers in AIS clothes!

The whole school singing!

Nancy giving a beutiful speach on behalf of the visitors.

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  1. These are great pictures, and I am happy to see this visit has begun so well. Good luck.

    Its lovely to be able to follow the visit through the blog. Than!!!