Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Inspiration from one Eco-School to another

The 7th graders from Ghana has picked up our strategy of using powerpoint
presentations to share information and knowledge among the schools. Their presentation has become so popular that it is being showed to all the classes in school, host families and staff.
Today it was 5th grades turn.

Nancy presented Akosombo school in general, and what it does as an Eco-school in particular.

In addition to developing a sound waste management system,
the school uses waste in their art work.
They had brought both pictures and examples of art work.
Broken glass, paper magazines, egg shells and plastic waste can be used for fine art
(as we described in an earlier blog from Akosombo)
Joshua talked to us about sound ecological production of Bananas
at a Fair Trade farm near by their school
5th grade at Byåsen find Banana production exciting,
unfortunately nothing for the schools garden

Nancy, Bridgit, Nelson and Joshua after well done sharing of knowledge and experiences.

(The Abenas)

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  1. Good to see this has become a mutually beneficial collaboration. This is good not only for Akosombo and Byaasen. Infact I beileve it is laying the foundation for something bigger: international respect and understanding.