Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Presentation of the Ghana visit to our fellow student and teachers at Byåsen

Synnøve, me and Ole Magnus infron of the Byaasen school banner in our Akosombo school outfits

In our auditorium with 4th and 5th grade

The pictures in the background is from the exhibit of the ten years before we went on this jubilee tour.
The drum with the Byaasen-Akosombo 2013 inscription, the cloth made by
AIS students, the contract and Ghanaian dolls carrying woods
Traditional Kente and Ghana flags on the piano

Teacher Ingunn showing the contract that was signed for future work,
between Byaasen and Akosombo schools
Ole Magnus describing impressions from his stay with the host family.

Synnøves mother taking pictures

We briefly went trough the many topics we learned about. 
Here from the visit to the Fairtrade farm. The issues will be further explored when the school resume.
We tried demonstrating some drumming that we had seen and heard
Teacher Johanne explaining traditional life in Ghana
Kari Sandvik, the first teacher from Byaasen that visited Akosombo

Kari with her former students Sandra Abena and Sunniva who came to here the presentation. 
They all used to be very active in the exchange programme