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Today its Graces 60th birthday,HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE!!!! From every one at Byåsen school!

That means that you soon will retire, that is sad but it gives us an opportunity to look back and see what we have done over the years of our collaboration. We have collected some pictures from the many crossing point for Educational, Environmental and cultural exchange that the exchange has given over the year - thanks to your support os the Director of the VRA schools - located at Aksombo International School:

My second grade at Byåsen in 2004 started having programs about Ghana - we learend to cook, dance and sing. When Aksombo´s school administrator - Thomas Ameyaw - came to see this at the celebration of the UN-day, he suggested that the two schools collaborated. It started with exchange of letters. In 2005 our family had the opportunity to bring the first formal exchange of letters and gifts. It was a great meeting with you, the students and the kids - which we shared thru pictures with our school mates at home.

Christmas 2007
With the help of the teachers Kari at Byåsen school and Margareth at Aksombo the letters continued, together with other activities. In 2004 our class celebrated Ghanian christmas. We wrote about how we do it in Norway - and when our family visited Ghana for Christmas in 2005 - christmas cards and gifts were exchanged and we were invited to see how you celebrated at school.
(Our Mother tells us to say that the school Choirs version of Hendels Mesias was as good as what she has heard in our Chatedral)
Now also other classes has become part of the exchange. Here Junis is showing proudly her first card from Norway.

Like last time we visited we spend time with our pen-pals in the class room - showed powerpoint pictures of those who didn´t come and your students sang for us and told us about how it is to go to school in Ghana - so that we could explain when we came back.
The principel Wenche at Byåsen send a formal invitation for you to come for a visit so the collaboration could develop further. Everybody was very excited when you and Thomas accepted it.


We were all very excited when you came to our school!
For a whole week the school was about Ghana, and you told us many stories about Ghanian culture.
At the school we even have a Ghanian dance group that performs at special occasions,
this time we had learned a dance from the Volta region that we got to show you.

Guest of Honor on our national day Mai 17th. Meeting our Major Rita Ottervik

Greeting the childrens parade from the Majors tribune
Byåsen School with their school band, flag parade

Children greeting you with the banner "welcome Mrs Grace"
You also got to meet with other people and establish future contacts while in Norway:

You got to meet our Bishop to be, Tor Singsås.

Since Byåsen school is a green flag school the school decided that the collaboration should be part of their green flag program. You got so interested in this program and wanted to bring it to Akosmbo. Here Meeting Green Childrens City´s manager Anne Grete - to learn more.
Speaking for the Youth Council and their visitors from Germany!

I.S. 2008

When in Norway you got a doll from the school wearing the national dress from our region. When a delegation from Trondheim came to Aksombo just two months later - we were VERY surprised to see one of your students meeting us in our dress together with a girl wearing Ghanan traditional dress!
You had made sombody copy the dress from what the doll was wearing! In Ghana everything is possible. Adwoa who is wearing our "bunad" is coming to see us this time - we will have to surprise her too.

Friends forever!

Meeting after 4 years as pen pals was great

This time the visit was also abou the environment. here visiting a ecological fair-trade banana farm.

The friendship continues to grow between students and teachers.
Kari and Margareth discussing learning strategies.


This spring a lot of work has been done on the collaboration: You got a Norwegian student in class, and together we went on a mission: ALL VRA-SCHOOLS WERE GOING TO BE ECO-SCHOOLS BEFORE YOU RETIRED! And the preparations were made for the first group of children and teachers to travel from Ghana to Norway!

We wish you a happy birthday and know you will continue supporting the collaboration and Environmental work also in the future!!

(Abena I og Abena II, with some help this time)

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  1. Hey, girls.

    I met your mom in school in Norway for masse år siden. And then she met your dad and I met him, too. He came to Mexico, where I live, and I showed hom around a bit. I look forward to meeting you!

    It sounds like you're doing super cool things for your communities.

    I'm coming to Norway with my boyfriend and his sister in a couple weeks. Anything in particular you'd like from Mexico?

    Stor klem.