Saturday, May 29, 2010

Final count down; preparing at waste management station

Both in Akosombo and Byåsen we had parents meetings on thursday, about how it will be to stay in Norwegian homes, so now we are just waiting for the visitors to com! On thursday 4th grade went to Heggstadmoen, the city´s sours plant, now we now even more to show to our friends on green flag.

Friday we practice to the welcoming ceremony! Now all i haw to do is clean my room for my pen-friend Adwoa to com!!
The only thing that worry us is the on going school strike. But the school is doing every thing to avoid the strike.

We haw been asked who the teachers coming are so here some pictures of them and those responsible for the visit at Byåsen!:
Teacher Margareth has been coordinating the letter exchange since it started and is now heading the Green Flag coordinating committee at Akosombo. She is the always inspiring and friendly teacher of second grade.
Teacher Gifty is the joyful Drama, music and local language teacher.

The organizing committee at Byåsen:

Principal Wenche (with her new neckless from Akosombo)
Second grade teacher, and program coordinator Johanne

Green Flag coordinator Torgeir
(Abena II)

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