Sunday, December 16, 2012

Julebrev til Akosombo/Christmas greetings from Byåsen to Akosombo I.S.

During the Advent time in Norway it is cold and dark outside. We are therfor enjoying the morning ceremonies when we light one candel for each of the for weeks before Christmas, and read a text. The color of Advent is purple, so the candels are purple. We also open a gift in our Advent calander. One for each of the days in December before Christmas. The Last one is the 24th. The big Christmas celebration in Norway is on Christmas eve on the 24th.

This year almost all the students at Byåsen school also wrote Christmas letters to our pen-pals at Akosombo school. At the third grade, Kari - the teacher that visited Akosombo in 2005 showed pictures from her visit to Ghana. The class thought that was inspireing for their work.

The students in first grade made drawings about how they celebrate Christmas in Norway, and some also included their Ghanaian friends in the drawings. On the picture underneat to the right you can se Santa riding on a slide with the Ghanian flag on it. I guess he is on his way to Ghana with presents. Another one had pictured Ghanian and Norwegian students dancing around the Christmas tree together. The teachers of each class at 1st greade put the pictures together as a booklet.

In my class at 7th grade we just wrote letters. It was a good way to practise our english.

Kvelden før vi skulle dra kom Johanne, som nå er koordinator for samarbeidet med alle brevene!
(beklager, men bildet vil ikke samarbeide)

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